List of the 5 Best Car Insurance in Indonesia for 2022, You Must Choose


Many say that a car is a valuable item that must be protected as well as possible. So don’t be confused if the presence of the best car insurance in Indonesia is used by some 4-wheeled vehicle owners as protection.

With insurance, cars that are chronically destroyed due to negligence or accidents can be repaired immediately.

You don’t even need to really spend money, because everything is covered by the insurance company. In Indonesia, the number of car insurance suppliers varies greatly.

There are new companies to the most popular old companies you can define. However, are all insurance providers really trusted and qualified?

Not sure, because not all car insurance providers use the same mechanism. In fact, there are quite a few irresponsible car insurance providers who are only looking to profit from their customers.

Finding insurance may not be as difficult as finding money, but that doesn’t mean you have to look for carelessly without thinking about the causes and consequences.

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List of the 5 Best Car Insurance for 2022

List of the 5 Best Car Insurances for 2021
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In order not to suffer losses due to using fraudulent insurance companies, choose from one of the following seven best car insurance suppliers in 2022, what are the best car insurances?

1. JP-Astor : Jasaraharja Putera Car Insurance

It is one of the best insurance companies that has been around for a long time, dating back to 1993. This insurance has successfully offered a variety of insurance products, including car insurance, which its customers know as JP-Astor.

When compared to the various insurance products regulated by Jasaraharja, JP-Astar’s premium costs are cheaper. The facilities offered by Jasaraharja Putera are very diverse. It has even offered digital facilities for the payment process or claim process.

2. AXA Auto Insurance

The next best car insurance product for 2022 is an insurance product enhanced by AXA. This product is more favored by AXA customers because it has four facilities, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a comprehensive program or TLO which provides collateral for various risks.

When the car is destroyed or scratched due to chaos, floods, earthquakes and even the car keys are missing too. All will be assisted by AXA Auto Insurance. AXA will provide material compensation to customers whose car can be proven to be in an accident.

3. Autocilin Auto Insurance – Best

Who does not recognize Adira. This funding company offers relief to customers in the financing process for the various motorbikes they buy. Whatever brand you want, everything can be done well through Adira.

Interestingly, in addition to offering funding facilities, Adira also offers Autocilin Auto Insurance facilities. Insurance programs that provide support to customers protect their cars from various risks of damage.

Becoming an Adira customer in the Autocilin Auto Insurance program will provide you with various business transaction conveniences. The pick-up and delivery facilities for the car to the car service center are included. This is why Adira is considered one of the best car insurance in Indonesia.

4. Best Car Insurance from Allianz Indonesia

Allianz has long been known as a trusted insurance company that offers the best insurance programs including car insurance. Allianz offers several types of car insurance. One of them is Allianz MobilKu Grand, Allianz MobilKu Non Package, and Allianz MobilKu ECO.

Each insurance has different features but the same provides protection for your car. One of the advantages of using MobilKu insurance is the easiest and fastest claim process, Allianz facilitates this via SMS.

5. Simasnet: The Best Insurance for Cars from Sinarmas

Since 1968, the Sinarmas company has been known as a vegetable oil refinery company. But after 1982, this company moved more broadly until it was recognized as a financial service supply company.

Not enough to get there, now Sinarmas has entered the insurance sector and is counted as one of the best companies today.

Simasnet as the best car insurance product introduced and regulated by Sinarmas. Similar to the previous insurance products, Sinarmas offers a variety of car insurance programs that will really benefit its customers.

One of the advantages of being a Sinarmas car insurance customer is that claims are easy and fast.

The 5 Best Private Health Insurance Apart from BPJS in Indonesia in 2022


The Indonesian people were shocked by the increase in the BPJS Kesehatan levy which was decided and will take effect in 2022. This increase is of course exacerbating what else the government’s product has been seen as the best health insurance for 2022 for Indonesian citizens. Because for all Indonesian people, generally from various walks of life, there is no best health insurance other than BPJS.

Cheap premiums with broad service outcomes are one of the reasons for the high number of BPJS Kesehatan users. Another aspect is that BPJS users often cannot get optimal service according to the funds paid.

That is what has spurred the number of citizens looking for the best private health insurance apart from BPJS in 2022.

Not to mention the assumption that so far the users who regularly pay the BPJS monthly fee are only paying for other patients. It’s no secret that new users often feel the benefits of this health insurance.

The goal is for people who have just registered to become members when they are sick and need medical expenses.

This plus the skyrocketing increase has made people now begin to consider returning to the best private health insurance.

If initially private insurance was only a companion, now residents are starting to make the main focus of insurance for their interests.

Private health insurance is indeed more expensive than BPJS Kesehatan. But many advantages are sold at this cost as the best insurance option for families.

For example, private insurance is better in terms of convenience and speed. You don’t need to stand in long lines to get a room or health services like BPJS.

In addition, the process is relatively short. Good for payment of medical expenses or reimbursement, if you have to use individual funds first.

The network of hospitals working together with private health insurance is wider. Therefore, you are more free to choose the hospital where you will undergo treatment.

The Best Private Health Insurance Besides BPJS 2022

Several well-known companies have proven quality in the number of users.

The following are options for private health insurance products that you should consider in 2022. All of them have been proven to be used by the general public so that their quality cannot be doubted.

1. Manulife Insurance

The first choice of the best health insurance that can be taken into account is from Manulife. The advantages of this product include premiums that run all over the world, with the exception of the United States.

The collateral value provided is quite large, namely IDR 800,000 per day for room fees, a maximum of 60 days in one year.

Apart from that, outpatient and dental care is also provided with an optimal Rp. 20 million/year and childbirth up to Rp. 50 million.

To get this service, you only need to pay a premium of IDR 9.8 million/year. You can also choose a family insurance product with a maximum of 3 insured members to make it more economical.

2. Allianz Health Insurance – Best Besides BPJS

Allianz is a big name in the world of health insurance and is the best partner for many people in setting up health insurance.

There are quite a lot of insurance products from Allianz so you can choose according to your needs and strengths.

The daily room fee from Allianz is quite large compared to other brands, namely up to IDR 750,000 per day. With optimal up to 180 days in one year.

Another advantage is that it also provides complete protection for 49 critical disease conditions at the final stage without requirements including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

3. Prudential – Best Private Health Insurance Besides BPJS

The next choice comes from Prudential with its various products. Its network of hospital partners is also extensive, spreading all over the world.

At least they currently have 500 hospitals in Indonesia that have worked together with Prudential health insurance.

Users of this insurance can benefit from hospitalization costs of up to IDR 3.5 million per day. In addition, the protection period is quite long, up to the age of 75 years.

That way, Prudential really fits as the best health insurance product for your parents. The amount of the annual premium is also cheap when compared to the benefits obtained.

4. Cigna Insurance

Cigna can also be considered as a partner to prepare health insurance for you and your family.

Cigna insurance users can experience the benefits of hospitalization up to a maximum of IDR 2 million per day with an annual limit of up to IDR 400 million.

Furthermore, there are also benefits for ICU daily fees, outpatient care including doctor’s consultations, purchasing medicines, and medical check-ups.

Cigna is highly recommended to get the best private health insurance, because it can cover up to 5 family members at a time.

5. Sinarmas Insurance

Another private health insurance that deserves to be reckoned with is Sinarmas. The amount of premium that needs to be paid is quite affordable and can be paid in installments, starting from Rp. 77,000/month.

Even so, the benefits that users can experience are quite a lot, starting from operating costs, hospitalization, ICU, and including ambulances.

Another advantage of this service is that Sinarmas does not apply an inner limit to the benefits provided except for room and ICU fees.

The payment system can also be implemented online cashless specifically in hospitals that knit cooperation.

As for treatment in non-network hospitals, a reimbursement mechanism can be carried out, which unfortunately has to be done manually.

The user must submit a claim by sending the file to the Sinarmas office within a maximum of 14 working days.

The final word

So, you want to choose which private health insurance to prioritize for yourself and also for your family besides BPJS.

The five private health insurances above are a list of the best insurance service companies in Indonesia for 2022 based on their customers and the benefits and benefits obtained.

The choice is in your hand.