Colloquium – tips for implementation

A colloquium is usually announced internally by a notice or circular. As a student, you can exclude the public by submitting an application.

Colloquium as part of the diploma thesis

  • You have 20 minutes for a presentation on your diploma/bachelor thesis. A discussion lasting about 10 minutes forms the conclusion. Questions may only be asked about the content of the work.
  • After your presentation, the examiners will discuss which final grade you will be awarded. The practical work, the written elaboration and your final presentation with colloquium and discussion flow into an evaluation.

Tips for a successful implementation

  • The sources used in your work should be linguistically understandable. If possible, use German technical terms. The facts mentioned in the presentation must be in line with demand.
  • In your presentation of the topic you stay within the previously determined time frame.
  • If necessary, provide for the omission or insertion of content.
  • Prior practice under almost real conditions is also one of the recommended tips.
  • Don’t anticipate any content. Always stay true to one line.
  • When structuring your presentation, stick to the typical form. Start by presenting the topic, your own idea and present an outline.
  • The oral presentation is supported by designed slides. Give the slides a name, cover page and outline. Each slide is also given a heading for your own orientation.
  • Don’t write prose. Graphics and keywords that you explain or formulate in your own words are the most understandable.
  • Each slide covers only one topic. The time frame per slide is usually two to three minutes. You need a pointing instrument (pen, laser pointer).
  • Look at the audience throughout the lecture.

Don’t be discouraged by later questions. With these tips you are well prepared for the colloquium.

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