Deddy Corbuzier Considers This When Deciding Investment with Yohanes Auri in Flux Creative Universe – Deddy Corbuzier, as the owner of a creative company called PT Dektos Digital Corbuzier has officially decided to invest in Flux Creative Universe.

The investment made between Deddy Corbuzier and Flux Creative is known to have started in May 2023.

When deciding to invest in a company, Deddy Corbuzier always considers things.

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As he conveyed on May 9, 2023 when he shared the investment he made in Yohanes Auri, founder of Flux Creative Universe.

“When I invest, I will see who the people are and what their track record is.”

Apart from that, according to him, Yohanes Auri also has a different quality and can invite the trust of those around him.

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Furthermore, another thing that Deddy Corbuzier considered in investing with Yohanes Auri, namely Auri’s big vision for the creative world of Indonesia.

Yohanes Auri is known to want to embrace many Indonesian creative people.

Because he realizes the many creative potentials possessed by Indonesian creative people.

The investment made by Deddy Corbuzier also does not make it an achievement, but rather a big start for Indonesian creative people.

The next consideration that convinced Deddy Corbuzier to invest in Yohanes Auri was the evidence he had.

It is known that before developing into Flux Creative Universe, the company owned by Yohanes Auri was called Flux Design and has existed since 2006.

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