BBCA Share Performance Up 30 Percent, Time to Enter or Take Profit? – Today Watchlist from IndoPremier Sekuritas on Friday 27 January 2023 starting with updates the latest Wall Street news.

However, the highlight on the domestic stock market is the increase in the performance of BBCA’s shares.

Based on its latest financial report, BBCA’s profit rose 30% so it became a positive catalyst for price movements. Indopremier sekuritasupdates the latest price target is 9,400.

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The latest news on commodity prices shows that all compact commodities have strengthened, except for gold.

Oil prices rose 1.07%, CPO rose 0.13%, nickel rose 0.83%, tin rose 4.71%, coal rose 0.45%, food commodities strengthened by an average of above 1%, and the gold by 0.87%.

Today’s JCI is projected to strengthen with support at 6830 and resistance at 6900.

In February, it is possible that the financial reports of several issuers will be released, namely from Bank Central Asia (BBCA), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI), Bank Mandiri (BMRI), Bank Tabungan Negara (BBTN), Astra International (ASII).

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As for March, it is projected that the release of financial reports from the Indofood group, namely, ICBP and INDF.

There are two sentiments on the US stock market, namely the first is the entry of the financial report season which states that Tesla’s performance has improved by 11%.

The second sentiment is data on US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2022 growing 2.9%. This exceeded the consensus of only 2.8%, thereby reducing fears of a recession.

Today’s stock recommendations namely, BRIS buy at 2400 and the first target price is at 2440.

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