Want to invest with a mediocre salary? How come! Here’s a series of tips

BONSERNEWS.com – Starting investment early is a good thing. However, what happens if you want to invest in stocks but are constrained by a mediocre salary?

All can be tricked if you really intend to start investing in stocks. As long as you are able to set aside a few percent of your income for investment, positive results will definitely be achieved in the future.

Many people think that if they have a mediocre income they will not be able to invest. However, if you have the right strategy and can manage your lifestyle, you can practice even large investments.

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Like saving, investing in stocks starts with a small nominal amount of money. You can become an investor even though your financial position is not as flexible for those who have more income.

You can gain money, as long as you are persistent and adhere to the financial allocation scheme that you have drawn up.

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Then how do you invest in stocks with a mediocre budget? Summarized from various sources along with the information

  1. Set aside salaries and arrange allocations

One of the things people generally do after receiving a salary is to arrange it in allocation posts. You can start saving your salary in the allocation post according to your obligations and needs, set aside some for investment or saving needs. Make sure the obligations have been fulfilled beforehand.

  1. Use a priority scale

Reduce including things that are deemed unnecessary in the preparation of salary allocation posts. As for matters that are tertiary in nature, should not be prioritized. Tertiary needs are complementary in nature, generally things that are entertaining and not too important.

  1. Set investment goals

Before opening an investment account, you can first ask yourself, what are your goals for investing? Is it for quick profits? Or for future savings while protecting money from inflation? If you have determined your goals, the next step is to choose an investment instrument that is suitable for your goals.

  1. Choose a legal stock application

Do not carelessly choose stock applications that are circulating on smartphones or in your social media advertisements. Use a stock application registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

  1. Saving routine

If you have prepared an allocation, don’t delay your investment activities. The earlier the better. After that, you must be consistent in setting aside funds to be allocated to stock investments. ()

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