Check Out the Latest Gang Members in LQ45 and IDX30, Until the Shocking News from the Coal Sector?

[ad_1] – The latest news from the stock market today, several issuers have been observed to become LQ45 members, namely ACES, AKRA, ESSA, SRTG, SCMA, and SIDO. Likewise with AMRT, ESSA, and MEDC who are new members of IDX30.

The entry of these issuers into the LQ45 and IDX30 indices allows for buying actions resulting in price spikes.

As for stocks that came out of LQ45 and IDX30, they included BFIN, ERAA, AMSP, INKP, MIKA, MNCN, ICBP, TINS, and WIKA.

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These stocks are predicted to experience a correction due to selling action.

The opportunity to rebalance the index should be used as an opportunity to buy good stocks at relatively cheap prices.

As for the price spike due rebalancing is predicted to only be temporary and will soon be colling down after time rebalancing end.

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The price of nickel commodities experienced an increase because the Philippines as the second largest exporter of nickel after Indonesia reviewed the value of export taxes.

As for metal commodities such as copper, aluminum, etc., it is predicted to experience bullish so that issuers such as MDKA, ANTM, and INCO are worth considering.

In addition, crude oil fell 2.2 percent, tin prices fell 3.35 percent, and coal fell the most, namely 25.59 percent.

Coal prices are dropping after the near expiration winter and the energy crisis in Europe.

It is possible that the heyday of coal issuers is over, because peak season already happened in mid-2022.

Today’s stock recommendation Tuesday, January 31, 2023 from IndoPremier securities there is ACES to buy at 490 and sell at 510, then from the technology sector there is OPEN with support at 288 and resistance at 300.

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