Criminal psychology studies – this is how it works

On the trail of the perpetrators with criminal psychology

If you decide to pursue a career as a forensic psychologist, you have several options for starting the career. There are many ways into criminal psychology, which does not simplify access. The fact is that you first need a basic degree, on which you can add a specialization to become a criminal psychologist.

Courses such as forensic medicine, law or sociology as well as psychology are usually available. In particular, the study of psychology is often chosen in order to then add a postgraduate course in forensic psychology. However, the opportunities in Germany are not that great when it comes to courses in this discipline.

The study of forensic psychology in Germany

  • There are only a few universities in Germany that offer the subject of criminal psychology. One of them is the University of Hamburg. There you can study criminal psychology in the master’s degree. You need a completed bachelor’s degree in law, sociology or psychology to gain access.
  • There are only a limited number of forensic study places at the University of Hamburg. If you absolutely want to do a master’s degree in the subject, you should definitely make an appointment early on with the student advisory service that is responsible for the subject. During the appointment, you can then ask what requirements you have to meet and act accordingly.
  • But you can also go in the forensic direction at the Ruhr University Bochum. The university offers a master’s degree in criminology and police science. Here, too, there is only a limited number of places. You must also have one year of professional experience in a relevant professional field.
  • There is another Master’s course at the University of Bonn. You can study forensic psychology there. Specific entry requirements also apply here.
  • If you do not meet the admission requirements and have to wait one or two semesters, you can fill this with an internship. Of course, you should choose a field of work that has something to do with your dream job. For example at the Federal Criminal Police Office.
  • If the master’s degree in criminal psychology doesn’t work out, the police also offer training as a forensic psychologist.

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