Dual studies to become a hotel manager – that’s how it works

A dual degree is becoming increasingly popular

A dual study program is a combination of studying and training in a company. You can do such a dual degree in many different areas.

  • During your training, you will work part of the time in a company to learn practical skills and at other times you will attend a technical college, an academy or a university.
  • How often you switch between in-company training and studying mostly depends on the university you attend. With some training courses you change every three months, with others you spend the first year in your training company and then switch to the university.
  • Your vocational training is shortened to two years with a dual degree, after which you will already take the final examination in your training occupation at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. You will then acquire an additional bachelor’s degree through your studies.
  • With these two qualifications you have very good chances on the job market. In addition, a dual study program has the advantage that you receive a training allowance during your training.

Hotel specialist plus hotel and tourism management

  • In order to start a dual course of study to become a hotel manager, you need the Abitur or the advanced technical college entrance qualification and an apprenticeship contract with a company in the hotel industry where you will do your practical training.
  • There are now many companies that offer dual studies, but these training positions are in great demand because the career opportunities after graduation are very good. So please apply as early as possible.
  • In addition to your professional training as a hotel specialist, you will also attend the Hotel and Tourism Management course and thus acquire the international Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • The dual course of study to become a hotel manager takes three to three and a half years. Because during this time you will complete both a complete vocational training and a degree, you have to learn a lot in order to complete both degrees. The training to become a hotel manager usually takes three years, so you have to do twice as much as others who only do an apprenticeship or just a degree.
  • You will also have to learn a lot through self-study. Especially during the time that you work in the hotel, you also have to acquire theoretical knowledge for your studies, which can sometimes be quite exhausting.

After your training, you will have two degrees in your pocket and therefore have a good chance of getting a job that you like. With the internationally recognized bachelor’s degree, you can also work in a hotel abroad. You will learn the necessary foreign language skills during your studies.

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