Today’s Stock Recommendation from Indopremier Sekuritas (IPOT) Thursday, 19 January 2023, Time to Buy ANTM?

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As usual, before giving today’s stock recommendations January 19, 2023, there are updates the latest news from the US stock market that shows weakness. This was done because retail data was considered disappointing.

In addition, another cause is the large number of investors who take action profit taking. The weakening that occurred was much worse than the predicted 1% however, the realization was 1.1% month on month.

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Still in the US market, the sector that experienced the greatest weakening was the banking sector.

Furthermore, stock recommendations for Thursday, January 19, 2023 are ASII with support at 5575 and resistance at 5,725, BBRI with support at 4560 and resistance at 4,640, EXCL support at 2310 and resistance at 2,390, and finally BMRS support 175 and resistance at 178.

Indopremier securities made a renewal target price for several issuers such as UNTR to 29,700, SIDO 900, INDF 9,000, and ICBP 10,800.

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The ETF recommendations from these securities companies include XPSS support at 431 and resistance at 439, XIJI support at 647 and resistance in 658, as well as XPDV support at 541 and resistance at 547.

After providing several stock and ETF recommendations, the question and answer session began by answering questions related to BBRI trading.

According to the analyst, the BBRI chart has started to strengthen, so we recommend buying at 4,640.

As for TLKM, it is likely to move to 3,900 dan resistance next 4,040 so recommended buy on weakness.

On the other hand, there are BBCA and HRUM questions for investment. According to him, BBCA has exceeded the target price set by Indopremier at 8,100 so it can still be purchased.hold.

HRUM’s target price is still around 2,600, with current prices hovering around 1,700, it can be considered as one of the issuers for investment.

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