Up 0.8 Percent, This Is The Highest JCI Supporting Sector Today


BONSERNEWS.com – Thursday, 8 January 2023, the JCI was observed to have increased by 0.8 percent to 6,819.91 points.

All indices on the stock market today have increased. The index with the highest increase was obtained by IDXV30, which was 2.05 percent.

Meanwhile, today’s highest JCI supporting sector was Industry which rose by 2.19 percent followed by the Energy Sector which rose by 1.34 percent.

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In IDX30, DOID contributed the most points with an increase of 6.38 percent to 300 points.

The increase in the energy sector was allegedly due to the decline in the value of the US dollar which caused an increase in demand for several commodities.

The only sector that experienced a decline in stock trading today was the transportation sector.

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The transportation sector fell by 0.08 percent compared to the previous day.

For those of you who own BMRI shares, immediately check your portfolio because it is included in the stock which rose today by 2.09 percent to a price of 9,750.

However, for you CPIN shareholders, there is bad news.

Today’s trading results show CPIN fell to 6,050, which is a decrease of 75 points.

The stocks that rose today from the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) include UNTR, ECXL and ITMG.

On the other hand, TLKM, INKP, INDF, BRPT, BRMS, BRIS and ACES all saw a decrease from the previous day. ()

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