Up 0.8 Percent, This Is The Highest JCI Supporting Sector Today


BONSERNEWS.com – Thursday, 8 January 2023, the JCI was observed to have increased by 0.8 percent to 6,819.91 points.

All indices on the stock market today have increased. The index with the highest increase was obtained by IDXV30, which was 2.05 percent.

Meanwhile, today’s highest JCI supporting sector was Industry which rose by 2.19 percent followed by the Energy Sector which rose by 1.34 percent.

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In IDX30, DOID contributed the most points with an increase of 6.38 percent to 300 points.

The increase in the energy sector was allegedly due to the decline in the value of the US dollar which caused an increase in demand for several commodities.

The only sector that experienced a decline in stock trading today was the transportation sector.

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The transportation sector fell by 0.08 percent compared to the previous day.

For those of you who own BMRI shares, immediately check your portfolio because it is included in the stock which rose today by 2.09 percent to a price of 9,750.

However, for you CPIN shareholders, there is bad news.

Today’s trading results show CPIN fell to 6,050, which is a decrease of 75 points.

The stocks that rose today from the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) include UNTR, ECXL and ITMG.

On the other hand, TLKM, INKP, INDF, BRPT, BRMS, BRIS and ACES all saw a decrease from the previous day. ()

Nickel Prices Increase Above Average, What Stocks Are Predicted to Earn Cash Today?


BONSERNEWS.com – According to IndoPremier Sekuritas’ live Instagram broadcast, trading results for Thursday, January 19, 2023 show that JCI is staying in the green zone. Almost all sectors experienced an increase, except for the transportation sector.

There was a positive sentiment on the stock market today, namely the increase in metal mineral commodity prices such as petroleum, gold and nickel was observed to increase. Moreover, the increase in nickel prices which exceeded 5 percent.

Today’s stock recommendations Friday, January 20, 2023 from Indopremier Sekuritas (IPOT) are as follows.

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1. Astra Internasional (ASII) with support at 5750 and resistance at 5090.

2. From the banking sector, it is recommended that Bank Mandiri (BMRI) be purchased at a price of 9,650 with the nearest receipt at 9,850.

3. The recommended primary sector is issuer Charoen Pokphad Indonesia (CPIN) buy on weakness at a price of 6,000 with the closest target at 6,125.

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4. The recommended buy on weakness infrastructure sector is Telkom Indonesia (TLKM) at a price of 3,850 and the closest target is 3,950.

On the other hand, commodities such as CPO, tin, coal, food, and copper have seen their prices fall compactly.

The JCI is predicted to strengthen even though it was initially under pressure but it tends to increase.

In addition, it is known that Bank Indonesia has again increased its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points.

The increase was accumulated by 225 basis points which according to the Governor of Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo considered sufficient for the inflation target of 3 percent or less 1 percent.

It is alleged that Bank Indonesia will stop increasing interest rates. Meanwhile, several foreign markets, such as Wall Street and the NASDAQ, closed lower.

BBCA Share Performance Up 30 Percent, Time to Enter or Take Profit?


BONSERNEWS.com – Today Watchlist from IndoPremier Sekuritas on Friday 27 January 2023 starting with updates the latest Wall Street news.

However, the highlight on the domestic stock market is the increase in the performance of BBCA’s shares.

Based on its latest financial report, BBCA’s profit rose 30% so it became a positive catalyst for price movements. Indopremier sekuritasupdates the latest price target is 9,400.

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The latest news on commodity prices shows that all compact commodities have strengthened, except for gold.

Oil prices rose 1.07%, CPO rose 0.13%, nickel rose 0.83%, tin rose 4.71%, coal rose 0.45%, food commodities strengthened by an average of above 1%, and the gold by 0.87%.

Today’s JCI is projected to strengthen with support at 6830 and resistance at 6900.

In February, it is possible that the financial reports of several issuers will be released, namely from Bank Central Asia (BBCA), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI), Bank Mandiri (BMRI), Bank Tabungan Negara (BBTN), Astra International (ASII).

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As for March, it is projected that the release of financial reports from the Indofood group, namely, ICBP and INDF.

There are two sentiments on the US stock market, namely the first is the entry of the financial report season which states that Tesla’s performance has improved by 11%.

The second sentiment is data on US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2022 growing 2.9%. This exceeded the consensus of only 2.8%, thereby reducing fears of a recession.

Today’s stock recommendations namely, BRIS buy at 2400 and the first target price is at 2440.

Want to invest with a mediocre salary? How come! Here’s a series of tips


BONSERNEWS.com – Starting investment early is a good thing. However, what happens if you want to invest in stocks but are constrained by a mediocre salary?

All can be tricked if you really intend to start investing in stocks. As long as you are able to set aside a few percent of your income for investment, positive results will definitely be achieved in the future.

Many people think that if they have a mediocre income they will not be able to invest. However, if you have the right strategy and can manage your lifestyle, you can practice even large investments.

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Like saving, investing in stocks starts with a small nominal amount of money. You can become an investor even though your financial position is not as flexible for those who have more income.

You can gain money, as long as you are persistent and adhere to the financial allocation scheme that you have drawn up.

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Then how do you invest in stocks with a mediocre budget? Summarized from various sources along with the information

  1. Set aside salaries and arrange allocations

One of the things people generally do after receiving a salary is to arrange it in allocation posts. You can start saving your salary in the allocation post according to your obligations and needs, set aside some for investment or saving needs. Make sure the obligations have been fulfilled beforehand.

  1. Use a priority scale

Reduce including things that are deemed unnecessary in the preparation of salary allocation posts. As for matters that are tertiary in nature, should not be prioritized. Tertiary needs are complementary in nature, generally things that are entertaining and not too important.

  1. Set investment goals

Before opening an investment account, you can first ask yourself, what are your goals for investing? Is it for quick profits? Or for future savings while protecting money from inflation? If you have determined your goals, the next step is to choose an investment instrument that is suitable for your goals.

  1. Choose a legal stock application

Do not carelessly choose stock applications that are circulating on smartphones or in your social media advertisements. Use a stock application registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

  1. Saving routine

If you have prepared an allocation, don’t delay your investment activities. The earlier the better. After that, you must be consistent in setting aside funds to be allocated to stock investments. ()

Check Out the Latest Gang Members in LQ45 and IDX30, Until the Shocking News from the Coal Sector?


BONSERNEWS.com – The latest news from the stock market today, several issuers have been observed to become LQ45 members, namely ACES, AKRA, ESSA, SRTG, SCMA, and SIDO. Likewise with AMRT, ESSA, and MEDC who are new members of IDX30.

The entry of these issuers into the LQ45 and IDX30 indices allows for buying actions resulting in price spikes.

As for stocks that came out of LQ45 and IDX30, they included BFIN, ERAA, AMSP, INKP, MIKA, MNCN, ICBP, TINS, and WIKA.

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These stocks are predicted to experience a correction due to selling action.

The opportunity to rebalance the index should be used as an opportunity to buy good stocks at relatively cheap prices.

As for the price spike due rebalancing is predicted to only be temporary and will soon be colling down after time rebalancing end.

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The price of nickel commodities experienced an increase because the Philippines as the second largest exporter of nickel after Indonesia reviewed the value of export taxes.

As for metal commodities such as copper, aluminum, etc., it is predicted to experience bullish so that issuers such as MDKA, ANTM, and INCO are worth considering.

In addition, crude oil fell 2.2 percent, tin prices fell 3.35 percent, and coal fell the most, namely 25.59 percent.

Coal prices are dropping after the near expiration winter and the energy crisis in Europe.

It is possible that the heyday of coal issuers is over, because peak season already happened in mid-2022.

Today’s stock recommendation Tuesday, January 31, 2023 from IndoPremier securities there is ACES to buy at 490 and sell at 510, then from the technology sector there is OPEN with support at 288 and resistance at 300.

How To Make Money From Stocks, Apply This For Maximum Cuan


BONSERNEWS.com – Here’s how to make money from stocks that you should apply to bring in maximum profit.

Trading (buying and selling) stocks is one of the ways to make money which has been widely discussed lately.

The Covid Pandemic period became the starting point for people to look for alternative ways to make money, because of the PPKM period and the many layoffs due to the Covid pandemic.

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As for how to make money from stocks, there are several ways that you can apply and consider.

In simple terms, how to make money from stocks is like buying and selling transactions in general.

Someone buys shares at a certain price, then sells the shares at a certain price level to get money.

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However, the most common ways to make money from stocks are trading and investing.

1. Stock trading

Trading or buying and selling of shares is a sale and purchase of shares in a short period of time.

How to make money by trading stocks, taken within seconds, minutes, hours, daily or weekly.

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The shortest trades are usually called scalping and day trades. Scalping is a type of intraday and short-term stock trading.

Crowded with Debt Agreement Issues of Rp. 50 Billion


BONSERNEWS.com – Recently, there has been an issue regarding a loan agreement worth IDR 50 billion between Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno.

Regarding the debt agreement between Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno, Deputy General Chair of the Golkar Party, Erwin Aksa, revealed.

Erwin said that Anies borrowed money from Sandi for the 2017 DKI Pilkada.

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Reported by Bonsernews.com from uploading a video on the YouTube channel Akbar Faizal Uncensored, Saturday (4/2/2023), Erwin stated that the reason for the debt was for logistical needs.

“So, yes, Sandi is the one who has logistics. Sandi has lots of shares, good liquidity, and so on,” said Erwin.

According to Erwin, Sandi, who currently serves as Menparekraf, has logistics because he holds shares with good liquidity.

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The following is a row of shares owned by Sandiaga Uno in his investment portfolio and are the source of his wealth.

PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk (SRTG)

The holding and investment company that was started with Edwin Soeryadjaya since 1997 was listed on the IDX on June 26, 2013.

It is known that Saratoga has also invested funds in several companies.

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Sandi narrows down 2,917,827,145 SRTG shares or the equivalent of 21.5% of the total outstanding shares.

4 Ways to Choose Potential Stocks, Investors Must Know!


BONSERNEWS.com – Stock securities are one of the investment instruments that are well known by the public.

As one of the selected instruments for investment, stocks are a distinct opportunity for investors.

Of course to invest in stocks there are potential advantages and disadvantages as investing in other instruments.

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To minimize potential losses, it would be nice for investors to develop a strategy in selecting and sorting out the stocks to be invested.

In this article, we will review several assessments and strategies that can be used as a reference in choosing stocks.

Reported by Bonsernews.com from various sources, here are several ways to choose stocks that can help you make investment decisions.

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1. Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is useful for seeing the performance and health of the company you are investing in.

You can analyze the company’s performance financially, such as net profit, revenue, cash flow, financial ratios and other company performance.

Apart from checking the company’s financial statements, you can also check the company’s business prospects to determine whether the stock has the potential to grow and provide long-term benefits.

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2. Technical Analysis

Deddy Corbuzier Considers This When Deciding Investment with Yohanes Auri in Flux Creative Universe


BONSERNEWS.com – Deddy Corbuzier, as the owner of a creative company called PT Dektos Digital Corbuzier has officially decided to invest in Flux Creative Universe.

The investment made between Deddy Corbuzier and Flux Creative is known to have started in May 2023.

When deciding to invest in a company, Deddy Corbuzier always considers things.

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As he conveyed on May 9, 2023 when he shared the investment he made in Yohanes Auri, founder of Flux Creative Universe.

“When I invest, I will see who the people are and what their track record is.”

Apart from that, according to him, Yohanes Auri also has a different quality and can invite the trust of those around him.

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Furthermore, another thing that Deddy Corbuzier considered in investing with Yohanes Auri, namely Auri’s big vision for the creative world of Indonesia.

Yohanes Auri is known to want to embrace many Indonesian creative people.

Because he realizes the many creative potentials possessed by Indonesian creative people.

The investment made by Deddy Corbuzier also does not make it an achievement, but rather a big start for Indonesian creative people.

The next consideration that convinced Deddy Corbuzier to invest in Yohanes Auri was the evidence he had.

It is known that before developing into Flux Creative Universe, the company owned by Yohanes Auri was called Flux Design and has existed since 2006.

Stock Investment, Things You Must Master Before Deciding to Play in This Field, There Are 8 Points


BONSERNEWS.com – Before deciding to invest in stocks, there are a number of things that you should master.

Here are some things that need to be mastered before starting a stock investment:

1. An understanding of the stock market

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You need to understand how the stock market functions, including trading mechanics, stock indices, stock prices, and market fluctuations. Learn about common stock market terms, such as shares, IPO, dividends, and more.

2. Knowledge of the company

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Do some research on the companies you want to invest in. Learn about company profiles, financial performance, products or services offered, competition in the industry, and future prospects. Understanding the companies you invest in will help you make better decisions.

3. Fundamental analysis

Understand the concept of fundamental analysis, which involves assessing a stock’s intrinsic value based on a company’s financial performance, growth, and other fundamental factors. Learn how to read financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows.

4. Technical analysis

Get familiar with technical analysis which involves using stock price charts, technical indicators, and price movement patterns to identify trends and trading signals. Learn about support, resistance and price trends.

5. Diversification

Understand the importance of diversification in stock investing. Do not invest all your capital in one stock or sector. We recommend that you allocate your funds to several stocks from various sectors or types of companies to reduce risk.